Saturday, March 31, 2018

Fort Clinch State Park

We have family visiting so we visited nearby Fort Clinch. It has been awhile since we last visited. The ocean was cold, but those silly people from Ohio handled it (not us!).

The fort is similar to many we have visited along the coast as part of the third system of coastal forts built in the 1800’s. Each have something different. This was has lots of nooks and crannies.

There are barracks, a bakery, a prison, a blacksmith, a dispensary, and lots of other places to explore.

Pizza oven!


Every year I travel to a conference. This year was in Phoenix.  St. Mary’s Roman Catholic Basilica is right by the conference center. While the interior was gorgeous, I liked the bronze relief of the Very Reverend Novatus Benzing outside the door. Apparently there is a tradition that the athletes of St. Mary’s High School rubs his nose for luck on game days. Plus I think other people try this too. And maybe his eyebrows are lucky too?

Do you think that someday there will be a plaque saying I visited this church?

I was lucky to visit the Heard Museum with a group. The emphasis is on Native Americans with terrific displays of pottery, baskets, jewelry, clothings, etc.

Even better, we had a demonstration of dancing and music. Extremely wonderful!


Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Holidays in Florida

Christmas and Thanksgiving aren’t quite the same with warm weather. Some of the traditions are new and many are the same. We didn’t have a Christmas parade in Ohio but that’s a “thing” in Callahan. It is even warm enough for Larry to wear shorts as he is handing out candy.

Christmas lights along with a supermoon on our new home.

And Jack’s much more decorated home!

Visiting family

And the aftermath…

Falling Trees!

Obviously it has been awhile. We’ve been busy moving into the house and fixing it.

We moved into the home a week before hurricane Irma. Our biggest worry was the dead pine tree in our front yard (center of the picture – right side of the double pine).

The dead tree made it through the storm but we decided since we had the dead tree along with several other weaker double trees (two trees coming from the same base), we wanted to have them removed. Watching the tree service was fun! They dropped the trees exactly where they wanted them.

Some of the crashes were enough to scare me and to dust the house with the vibration.

Monday, October 23, 2017

County Fair

The county fair was a big thing when I was growing up in Ohio. As a 4-H’er and a marching band member, I was busy. Plus, it was a chance to see friends after a summer apart. I spent hours walking the fair grounds.

We decided to visit the Northeast Florida Fair in Callahan. Uhmmm. Perhaps it is the difference between seeing something as a kid and then seeing it as an adult. Or maybe this was just a small fair. It took us 2 hours to see the fair and that included eating supper, listening to the entertainment, and riding the Ferris wheel (very cool!).

Hey, we still have fun and enjoyed the sunset while on the Ferris wheel.

Monday, October 16, 2017

Part-Timing It

After several years of full-timing, we decided to buy a house and travel part-time so posts will be more sporadic. 

I took a quick trip to Pittsburgh.  I really enjoy the walkway between Concourses A and B at the Atlanta airport. This is a $4.1 million dollar art installation called “Flight Paths”. Sounds like a lot of money, but I always make sure to skip the train and walk this instead. It’s like walking in the forest with lighting and sounds to relax you as you get a bit of exercise (there are moving walkways too). There are always people taking pictures or just enjoying this hidden treasure.

I went out with our group to the Pittsburgh Hofbrauhaus. Which reminded me that it’s been 39 years since I first visited the Hofbrauhaus in Munich! The story that goes along with that one was I was just out of high school and wasn’t used to drinking. The Hofbraus serves pints of beer. After an evening there, it was the first time I ever saw double. This visit was much more sedate!

 Plus, Pittsburgh lights.

Friday, September 15, 2017

Hurricane Irma

We’ve been in the Jacksonville Florida area. Obviously it has been quite exciting. This was our first hurricane.  By the time it got here, it was slower wind speeds of Category 1 (60 mph average with gusts in the 80’s). The highest winds were at night, so we missed watching the storm. However, it rained and kept raining with 9.7 inches in two days. The water was high enough to pond in the grass and we had an egret visit.

The frogs were loud as they traveled into the area.

The area had lots of debris, some trees down, and no power for several days. I’m not sure what I missed most, general electricity, air conditioning, refrigeration, water (no electricity for pumps), internet, or TV. We’ve lived days without most of that in the RV but we had got used to having it all lately.

We were very lucky!